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 Subject :Asterisk & Cisco 7940: File Not Found.. 2016-12-06- 00:25:16 
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Been working many days on setting up Asterisk on a new Raspberry Pi.  Everything is going well, up to a point.

I am following the helpful videos on this site from Paul, regarding setting up Asterisk & provisioning the 7940 phones.   All long, I have been careful to follow his steps.

When the configured Cisco 7940 files are uploaded to the TFTPBoot folder on the PI, I carefully go into a 7940 and steer it to the PI's correct IP address (for the TFTP server IP), I am receiving a "File not found   SEP#######"

The weird part is that the letters SEP (above) is not a typo.  I realize that Paul's instruction is for the configuration of a CNF file starting with the letters SIP.

Regardless, even if I copy the correct SIP file and rename it to start with SEP, the same issue happens.

What is going wrong where this won't work?  I'm completely and utterly stumped, even to the point of scrapping the whole thing and building everything from the ground-up again.  Same results.

Please, please help.

I thank you kindly!  Cheers, blessings, and 73!

Todd, N9ZWY

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