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 Subject :Unknown Password - linksys WRT54g-RG.. 2015-08-24- 05:25:06 
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Hello, I picked up 2 WRT54G-RG routers at a local hamfest, no information came with them other than they were already mesh nodes. Here are the steps I took to recover the username and password from the routers, maybe it will work for you also. I added a serial to usb converter at TTY-S0 on the router board. There are lots of information online about this so I won't repeat it here. To make a long story short, I could easily view the current username and password as well as ip addresses which would account for one of the routers not being accessible from a browser at

To recover a username/password

1. Install a serial port converter on the router
   (ttys0)(The cheap usb to ttl converters on ebay work fine for xp or win7)
2. Set your static ip , DNS and log in using in your browser
3. Start Putty and configure the serial port 115200baud N81
4. If all goes well, when you power it up and hit Enter,a command prompt will say something like
                               root@node :/#
If you have it wired ok, it should send startup text as soon as power is applied.

5. Enter cat /etc/htppd.conf
The response will be /cgi-bin/setup:username:password
6. Enter the username and password returned in step 4 into the browser to gain access to the BBHN login screen.
7.Use ifconfig to view the IP addresses incase you have a router which seems to work but cannot use a browser to access.
8. Think of me when you're a happy camper

73  va3ts.ve3tsa

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