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 Subject :LocalAP:8080.. 2014-12-08- 14:12:18 
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I have converted 2 WRT54GL V1.1 from mesh node to AP now i cant access them at all.  I have tried Every trick in the  book.  NOTHING.  my browser times out everytime i try to connect to either one of them, i have them both connected to a mesh node that is operational.  any suggestions??  btw  my ip from ip config shows  im not even getting a

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 Subject :Re:LocalAP:8080.. 2014-12-08- 14:28:03 
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Assuming you do not have anything else connected to the node, you do not have an DHCP server connected to get an IP. Set a Static ip on your computer. Use 172.27.0.xx. xx should not be 1 or 2. Connect a CAT5 from your computer to a lan port. From your web browser go to and you should be in. Clint, AE5CA

Updated to correct ip address to 172.27.0.xx and

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