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 Subject :Beta Testing Ubqiuiti Release in SLCO?.. 2014-01-21- 07:16:08 
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Just wondering if there is a group of SLCO hams on this board who would be willing to be part of the beta testing of the Ubiquiti Firmware release. (See...

I'd be up for being part of the group (=footing the bill for my hardware), but don't have probably all the *NIX skills to go this alone.  

Lance / K7LQH

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 Subject :Re:Beta Testing Ubqiuiti Release in SLCO?.. 2014-01-21- 07:44:01 
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Thanks Lance, We have wrapped up the beta testing and are getting a release ready for February 1st. I appreciate your willingness to help. Perhaps next time. Andre, K6AH
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