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 Subject :Seting up A node.. 2013-10-09- 12:50:26 
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Hi Tom AF7J  I live in west Ogden I am Trying to set up a Node first experiment , I messed up and Have a Dead Linksys WRT54gl Router it did get flashed with Hsmm-mesh firmware, But I ended up setting it as a Mesh aces point.  I tried to search for Ip by connecting the Ethernet cable to router and got a unfamiliar IP address same with Wireless connection my SSID was AF7J. so I then tried to do a 30/30 reset and it did not work. Then I opened to box of the router and tried to short the router with ground no go. so I got upset and fried my wall wart and then used another 12volt source and ended up seeing smoke on a part on the mother board of the router. The router still gets power but it is not useable, so now I have two WRT54gl routers coming from New Egg.  I have 3 satellite dishes and plan to build a home node with one and a mobile with the second router.  

Questions on What to do right and what not to do would be helpful

Thanks Tom_AF7J


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 Subject :Re:Seting up A node.. 2013-10-23- 18:25:41 
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Have you got it working yet? If you set it as a mesh access point you have to go through a specific procedure to get it back. I did this by accident and finally figured it out. Your router was fine until you tried to short it. What to do right. Get a wrt54gs (you can find plenty on ebay) make sure it is a version 1.0-3.0 or CGN0-CGN5. Install the firmware step by step as listed in the directions. Then you should be good to go.
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