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 Subject :EdgeRouter X as Tunnel Server.. 2017-06-04- 13:00:06 
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Good Evening Everyone!

First off, if this has been answered someplace else, I appologize for not being able to find it. My google-fu appears to have failed me this evening.

I live in the middle of rural northern Wisconsin and am looking to setup a tunnel server to allow some other rural, out of RF range hams to connect to my Mesh network in order for us to play/drum up interest in the system in the hopes that other hams in the area will become interested once they see the system in action.

What I'm wondering is this. I have an EdgeRouter X as my home router (core router if you will) and it currently is acting as an OpenVPN server (listening on interface vtun0) for my home network and does a reasonable job at it. I'm also sure I can add other virtual tunnel interfaces (vtun1 for example) that the Mesh Tunnel server could listen in on. I'm just wondering about the particulars of the tunnel server/client (protocol, etc) and if anyone else has already done this and could point me in the right direction that would be awesome as well!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great evening!

Thanks and 73,

de W9HDG

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