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 Subject :Leaving MESH - Selling off Linksys Nodes.. 2016-01-01- 04:33:22 
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Greetings all and Happy New Year. I've decided to leave the MESH world and return to my first love of HF DX instead. I'm also shutting down my Echolink node on 2M and will replace that with a more versatile Asterisk node. To do that I need to buy several Raspberry Pi modules. 

I'm a Ham on a fixed income with nothing that's "disposable" for hobby activities so I'm selling off all 10 of my Linksys WRT54G and GS routers on eBay. The prices will start off pretty low, $15 and $25, so if you want an entry into this technology this might be a cheap way to learn the cool things MESH networks can do. I know I did. You can read more details when the eBay sales show up. And, no, I'm not doing any private deals.

I also have a lot of notes and references that I will scan that will help others get going with a minimum of fuss and bother. I'll include all my notes with each node I sell. These notes will augment what you will find on this web site here.

And with that I wish everybody a great year. (Now if it would only warm up again in Arizona).

73 - Wil - AB9U 

Cottonwood, AZ

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