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 Subject :Rig Control FDX?.. 2015-07-03- 08:29:15 
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I heard WA8APD's discussion of BBhamnet at Dayton via a video: "Any rig can be remotely controlled by BBhamnet."

My rig is a Hermes SDR.  It uses a Ethernet connection for all rig control.  Everything is UDP.  What is the best way to control this rig with BBhamnet?  

Would it be as simple as dividing the Ethernet wires and using four BBhamnet nodes?  Maybe divide the wires from the Hemes Ethernet so one set goes to one router and another to the other.  What about the Ethernet control issue?

At present, I just want to control the rig in my hamshack upstairs with my local PC and a PC downstairs for my son to use it.  Also, only one Hermes receiver is sufficient.


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 Subject :Re:Rig Control FDX?.. 2015-07-19- 14:27:55 
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If, by dividing ethernet cables, you are contemplating a physical splice, I would like to wave a caution flag. That method can introduce significant frustration into the situation.

Could you connect the SDR and shack PC to one mesh node (4 port ethernet switch on the WRT54G) and the downstairs PC to a second node? Then both PC's can access the SDR as an advertised service.

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