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Written by Rick Kirchhof, NG5V   

Several Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) developers have expressed interest in using VOIP over mesh nodes. Many (most?) business phone systems are now VOIP. This means that IP phones themselves won't work in a standard phone jack in your home and that computer networks are used to pass conversations after your voice has been converted to data. Standard POTS phones can be used with Line cards to plug into a server but these are much more expensive.  It also means that when phones fail, they need networks to rescue them (hey... we have networks...) It also means that there is an ever increasing pool of VOIP hardware becoming available.

The process is much easier if you have access to some IP phones to play with or if a soft phone client like 3CX is loaded on your computer. Here is a video where Jim, K5KTF demos some recently obtained Cisco IP phones. It is important to note that only mesh hardware and the Cisco phone was used. The phone he transfers the call to is an old POTS phone with a Grandstream SIP converter but the network could have been several IP phones alone. Asterisk ran on a Mesh node, the phones plugged into the node, etc. 

See: Video demo with Cisco phone and Asterisk

We are trying to facilitate things by learning what has been done already and providing space/content on this site to support the effort. Use the Contact the Webmaster link here or on the front page to drop us a line. Say a little about what you have done and what you are doing. We will credit your effort and show your ideas.

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