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 Subject :Internet for the mesh not working from LAN.. 2014-06-04- 03:25:15 
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OK.....I am baffled as I thought this was possible. I have been running for a while with internet plugged into the WAN port on my first mesh node and set as gateway to provide internet to the rest of the mesh. However, the instructions describe that this should also work if the internet is plugged into the LAN port on the first mesh node. I made the switch this morning while still trying to solve port forwarding issues from the WAN to LAN (which flat out does not work without SSH, etc.....). I have internet at the first mesh node just fine, but it does not seem to make its way to the other two mesh nodes. So......what is missing here????


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 Subject :Re:Internet for the mesh not working from LAN.. 2014-06-04- 06:14:16 
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This sounds like BBHN->ticket:48 may apply for the port forward issue?

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