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 Subject :Time Zone difference between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 Firmware.. 2014-03-14- 17:13:07 
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On the Linksys, firmware 1.0.0, I can change the /etc/TZ file to display the correct timezone.  A reboot of the Linksys keeps that change.  However on the Ubiquity, firmware 1.0.1, the /etc/TZ file is overridden on a reboot losing my changes.  The apparent cause is a couple of lines of code found in the /etc/init.d/boot file of the 1.0.1 firmware as follows:

config_get timezone "$cfg" timezone 'UTC'
echo "$timezone" > /tmp/TZ

These two lines do not appear in the version 1.0.0 firmware.  I can modify those lines in the boot file and the settings in the /etc/TZ file stay after a reboot on the Ubiquity hardware.

My questions is why is there a difference between the 1.0.0 and the 1.0.1 firmware related to the setting of the /etc/TZ file on a reboot.

I understand there may be plans to add the ability to set the timezone from the menu at some point in the future.  Any info on that feature?

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 Subject :Re:Time Zone difference between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 Firmware.. 2014-03-14- 19:50:30 
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The Ubiquiti version uses a newer core operating system (openwrt  10.03.1). Compared to Linksys (using  7.09). For better hardware and software support.  This means some files are changed in how they are handled around setting configurations.

To set the time zone for a node edit /etc/config/system under system add timezone per (Pay close attention to the TZ value   per the table )

you may need to put that in /etc/config.mesh/system as well so it isn't overwritten on a config save.

As for a GUI timezone setting this is the first I've heard of it do I can't really comment  to that.

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