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 Subject :Digital Tuesday -- July 19th.. 2011-07-18- 12:55:44 
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Yes! You knew it was coming. This hasn't been the only announcement!
OK, so the others didn't have an agenda but it's that time again!

Tuesday July 19th!
7pm at 299 Connor Rd, Lucas, TX
Follow the driveway to the back gate and to the pool house.
We don't mind early arrivals especially if they're from Ft Worth. :-)


Talk-in will be on the Plano repeater, 147.180+ PL107.2 (which is announced).

Tomorrow's lineup looks like this:

  • NAT -- How to punch wide holes in the firewall manually!
  • Demo the Mesh Tunnelling that's being worked on in Austin.
  • To Meet or Not To Meet -- That's the question.     Is twice a month too much fun?
  • Ready for the Plano Balloon Fest?
  • Where To Now? Yes, more mesh stuff but what about other digi modes?
  • Wanna build a TNC-X?

So we've kinda gotta full card for tomorrow.
Come and join us at the pool house!


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