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 Subject :Mobile HSMM node with GRE tunneling.. 2013-10-28- 05:27:45 
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I´ve now setup the first mobile HSMM node with GRE tunneling using Telia 3G connection.

The setup is powered from the car internal battery. The node itself is connected using the WAN (eth0.1) towards a Sonicwall TZ200 that has an Huawei 3G modem attached.

The node itself is configured for GRE tunneling and connects to my central SM7I-GRE node at home, as well as other remote nodes do.

From the LAN side of the mobile node there´s a regular AP connected that broadcasts it´s SSID to which any mobile device like laptop, smartphone or other devices can connect thus reaching the whole mesh.

The diversity antennas are replaced by regular magmount antennas tailored for the 13cm band.

This works just fine and is a perfect solution for field-days and such.

Also, the complete setup is tactically packaged in such way that it can easily be removed and carried or moved to another car.

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