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 Subject :Port forwarding WAN not completely working...... 2013-10-20- 07:33:22 
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Hi all,

We have been working on building out a mesh network in our area and have been testing a 3 node setup. All are running v1.0.0 firmware and all mesh traffic is working perfectly. One node is the internet gateway and does provide inet to the mesh. However, I cannot seem to get any TCP port forwarding to work through the gateway node to a computer located on the gateway node LAN port. I have multiple entries in the port forwarding section to provide access of specific ports to the LAN computer.

It appears that the port forwarding is allowing UDP traffic through....just not TCP.

If I log into the mesh node via SSH, I can enter iptable entries into the terminal to allow traffic through, but they do not stay after reboot and seems to be a complicated solution to a simple port forwarding operation.

Any help or thoughts would be excellent right now....thanks.


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