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 Subject :VLAN Confusion.. 2015-07-11- 04:59:45 
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I just received a Dell PowerConnect 6624 managed switch.  I'm trying to use it with a Bullet M2 mesh node running 3.1.0.  I see in the BBHN release notes for Ubiquiti that the switch should be configured so that Untagged = LAN and vlan1 = WAN, but I'm not sure that is possible with this switch.  Its manual states "VLAN 1 is the default VLAN of which all ports are members".  Apparently I can only configure vlans 2 - 4093.  Does that mean that this switch can't really be used with the current version of BBHN?

I tried connecting the mesh node to one of the switch's ports.  I connected a laptop to another of the switch's ports.  The mesh node is in 5 host direct mode.  The switch and the laptop were both assigned IP addresses by the mesh node.  From the laptop I can connect to the switch, the mesh node, and other nodes on the mesh.  From the mesh nodes I can ping the switch but I can't ping the laptop connected to the switch.  Is this due to my inability to configure vlan 1?  Is there any way around this using this switch?

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