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 Subject :Two Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 and 3.1.0.. 2015-03-31- 08:18:02 
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Hey there LTNS....

Finally got around to upgrading my v1.0.0 system to 3.1.0.

I upgraded my N6GKJ-1 node first. Upgraded without error or issue.

Upgraded N6GKJ-2 without error or issue.

I am having two things happen. First off my DNS is not updating properly. If I try to browse n6gkj-1:8080 I then get a page not found error. If I put in the IPADDR:8080 It works just fine.

Same for the OLSR at n6gkj:1978 ... page not found.

I manually updated my host file to get around that... I should not have had to do this.

2nd issue:

Node N6GKJ-1 can see N6GKJ-2 as a neighbor and vise versa that works fine. However I can't log into either neighbor I click on the link and I get page not found. I also cant ping the neighbor.

I manually entered the IPADDR for the neighbor and still cant browse it.

Is there a new process I missed or am I fighting a bug.

Both routers work perfectly before on v1.0.0

Any thoughts??



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