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 Subject :Getting my HSMM-Pi Tunneled island to route on BBHN island.. 2015-03-18- 02:28:38 
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I need some pointers.  I have an HSMM-Pi island that is meshing fine, and a BBHN island also meshing fine. If I bring the two together physically, they mesh together and everything is happy.

When apart, if I connect the islands via vtun, I am unable to route packets to other other nodes on the network.  I can ping the tunnel client/server from each side of the tunnel just fine, but packet routing (and name resolution) isn't happening.

I assume there are some changes I need to name to the olsrd.conf.  I added a section for the tun0 interface, but that didn't solve it.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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 Subject :Re:Getting my HSMM-Pi Tunneled island to route on BBHN island.. 2015-03-18- 08:23:26 
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I managed to get this working to a degree.

vtun is straight forward and seems to work 100% The OLSRD side is a bit more tricky and although I managed to get OLSRD working but it was sending truncated data across the tunnel and breaking some of the other nodes on the mesh. Still need to figure out why so be careful!

In olsrd.conf I added vtun0 as an interface and changed the broadcast address to A quick reboot and it worked. I

ts possible but be careful you dont propogate issues across the mesh.

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