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 Subject :I blew up my 900MHz Loco M900 and repaired it.. 2014-11-25- 07:18:39 
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Hi All

I think most or all Ubiquity have this safeguard built into them.


I just blew up my 900MHz NanoStation loco M900 by connecting it to 48 volts.  OOPS...

I removed what I believe is a Zener diode and the unit came back to life.

Thank you Ubiquity for installing this protection.

After some research I fount the replacement.

It is a Little Fuse part number SMCJ24A

It is a transient clamping sacrificial diode.

It shorts when parameters are exceeded

I just order 10 through Mouser to have in stock

Cost is about $0.50 each

Hope fully this will help some folks



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