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 Subject :April 5th -- Digital Tuesday in Lucas,TX.. 2011-04-04- 13:31:04 
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Two demos on the agenda for Tuesday night:

  1. Attaching an IP camera.
  2. Wireless access to your mesh by adding an access point, back-to-back, to a mesh node.

Bring your computer and a mesh node so you can participate.  Also bring anything HSMM-MESH, APRS or Winlink that you want to show for Show and Tell.

Meeting is at 7:00pm.  Location is  299 Connor Rd, Lucas, TX (33.076433N, 96.573173W).  Follow the driveway to the backyard gate, go around the pool to the pool house.  Our meeting is in there.

Looking forward to see y'all there!


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