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 Subject :can't connect to other nodes in mesh from a gateway node.. 2014-06-05- 00:57:32 
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help! I can't connect to other nodes in the mesh by clicking on the links in the mesh status page of the gateway node. When I click the links I get "could not connect to node_name:8080" The odd thing is that i can connect to all the other nodes (including the GW node) from any of the nodes other than the "GW".

GW node Configuration:

Basic setup:

  • WIFI: default settings except for power level
  • LAN: Mode NAT, IP address/mask, DHCP server enabled, DHCP start 200, DHCP end 255
  • WAN: Protocol DHCP, DNS 1 my_verizon_router_address, DNS2 my_lab_router_address, Mesh Gateway Enabled

Port Forwarding DHCP and Services:

  • assigned ports (for Ratflector, GPSD, wordpress site, sendmail, alternate http and https) to my Rasberry pi server
  • assigned 8080 to localnode
  • Advertised Raspberry pi server services (Ratflector, GPSD, wordpress site)

I noted that when I change the LAN configuration to 5 hosts I can connect to the other nodes so it's  a configuration issue.  is there something about NAT configuration the prevents the resolution of other node addresses by the GW node?

IP Logged
Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3
Prince George's County ARES/RACES
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