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 Subject :Version 3.1.0 and Asterisk Crashes Router.. 2017-03-19- 04:20:28 
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Seems like up grading to Version 3.1.0 has crashed linksys WAP54GS! It Will not reboot after installing and configuring Asterisk, Just get steady DMZ light. I have Had no luck accessing the router. Unable to reset via button 30/30/30.

Before Reboot Attempting to access the router with WinSCP I get a directory error. And does not show the correct directory structure ab before attempting to install asterisk.

Any help would be great. If I must Jtag back I will stick with known working Versions 1.0 for the firmware.

Update Recovered the router. set ip on local computer

Unplug router, when DMZ comes on press reset until it flashes.

Telnet to router cd\bin and run firstboot

return computer to obtain ip ,reboot router. Reflash with version 1.0.0 which actually works!

I guess I will just miss out on Tunneling.

So I upgrades the router to v3.0 everything works great. Set up 2 units 1 as tunnel server, other as client. No connecting all to other tun servers & clients. All 3 playing nice together, now upgradin the rest to join the group.


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