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 Subject :BBHN v1.1 and DD-WRT.. 2014-07-07- 15:32:22 
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Hi all,

Well....I have been working with BBHN v1.0 for the past months and had figured out how to integrate DD-WRT OLSR mesh nodes into our network alongside the BBHN mesh nodes running v1.0. While I still had a few bugs to work out (like hostnames and OLSR config pages on the mesh) they worked quite well and played nicely with BBHN v1.0. This morning I test loaded V1.1 on my main mesh router and immediately broke my access to the DD-WRT mesh routers.

My first thought was that OLSR Secure had been reinstated in this version, so I logged in to turn that back off. My SSID is still set for BroadbandHamnet-v1 (instead of the new default -v2). However, there is obviously something more that makes it incompatible, as they still failed to talk to each other anymore.

So, I guess this begs a couple questions. What else has changed that would break the compatibility with v1.0? I am also curious if anyone has given thought to creating a version of firmware that would fit on the newer WRT54 and other routers with limited space? DD-WRT opened up a HUGE variety of router options for running mesh networks....and now that compatibility is broken again.

73, Ken KD6PGI

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 Subject :Re:BBHN v1.1 and DD-WRT.. 2014-07-07- 15:58:54 
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Hi Ken, You should read the release notes: The OLSR routing metric costing has changed. Ethernet links are assigned a cost of "0.1". This breaks compatibility with v1. Interoperability with DD-WRT is an excellent educational exercise, frankly, it's not something we plan to spend a lot of time worrying about. Andre, K6AH
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