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 Subject :AMPRnet routing.. 2016-01-26- 06:54:08 
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Was a while ago I wrote here, but I need to work sometimes as well :)

Well, now we have finished the first writeup on how to route AMPRnet subnets, or single IPs, using BBHN / HSMM as the carrier.

As you all know, we´re using my lightweight Vtund implementation on the WRTs (including, but not exclusively, the 54GL) to connect remote nodes.

In order for AMPRnet routing to work, we configured a new VLAN on the WRT and assigned one of the switchports for that VLAN. After this we run IProute2 package for the Policybased routing features that ensures that all AMPRnet specific sources always are tunneled through the Vtund and tun0 interface towards the central point.

Also some iptables work needs to be done, the OSLR needs to broadcast the AMPRnet subnet, or single IP, using HNA4 and finally, for some costmetic value, we´ve added a AMPRnet IP infoblock on the statuspage.

Works great :)

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