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 Subject :New lightweight VTUNd.. 2015-03-20- 07:56:57 
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Hi everyone,

We´ve now built new lightweight VTUNd binaries in our 'code factory' for the WRT54GL models as well as for x86/x64 Linux.

This VTUNd has been implemented in our existing VPN solution aside with GRE, but enables NAT traversal without all the hassle, still FCC Part 97 compliant though.

Flawless communication between WRT54GL models as well as cross-communication between WRT54GL and x86/x64 Linux hosts.

Anyone interested in this can drop me a PM.

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 Subject :Re:New lightweight VTUNd.. 2015-05-05- 14:25:02 
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Great work Johan, i`ll move the SK7OA node to final QTH in JO65RL ASAP. 73/Kent SM7MMJ
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