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 Subject :New Metro Phoenix Mesh Yahoo Group.. 2015-03-27- 16:02:29 
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I have started a new Yahoo Group as a site to share info on Metro Phoenix mesh activities. We also have installed a few high profile nodes in the East Valley at 2500' ASL and are looking for some connections.

Give the group a visit for full information.  Let's get meshing..

73, Dave K7DMK   Mesa, AZ

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 Subject :Re:New Metro Phoenix Mesh Yahoo Group.. 2015-04-26- 03:42:17 
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I can see K7DMK-N13 from south Scottsdale, with a NanoStation M2 (WX4LTG-NSM2). Link quality isn't all that great, but the NanoStation isn't really built for an eighteen-mile link. Are there any 5.8GHz links at that site? I'm debating picking up an Airgrid M5 and aiming it that direction, and re-aiming the NanoStation back to the south.
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