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 Subject :One-Way traffic?.. 2019-04-01- 06:47:35 
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I have just setup 2 wrt54gl v1.1 routers using 3.1.0 and am having issues getting node 2 to exchange data with node 1. Using localnode:8080 on node 1, I can "see" node 2 and can use the link to access node 2.  I can also ping the wireless address without problem.  However, when I attempt to use localnode:8080 on node 2 to access node 1, I just get a webpage could not be reached timeout error.  Pinging the addresses from node 2 -> node one doesn't work either.  I have tried multiple computers (win and mac) on each node and the results are the same, so the problem does not seem to be computer related

The localnode:8080 works on both routers for status, login and configuration purposes (with any computer that I try), but traffic is only flowing from node 1 to node 2, and not from node 2 to node 1 (other than what I have describe above).

Both installs are 3.1.0 and were done this weekend with no configuration changes other than the setup for node names.

Any help would be appreciated.  (PS i live in Wyoming, so there is no local ham that even has a clue about mesh networking.)

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