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 Subject :is dd-wrt compatible with hsmm-mesh.. 2012-08-27- 12:08:45 
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Hi all.Still getting the network set up here.Have the home qth,work,eoc going.I have used various versions.Mainly 1 and 2.I buy them on the e-place usually $20.00 or less...The problem with that is usually you can not tell the version.Sometimes they do tell you,hi..I just picked up a version 1.It was already flashed with dd-wrt.Is it compatable with mesh? I am wanting to take one in the rv,But do I give up wrt in leiu of mesh?  thanks all john w5jmw

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 Subject :Re:is dd-wrt compatible with hsmm-mesh.. 2012-08-27- 16:01:15 
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If it already has DD-WRT on it, you can go into its firmware update and flash it to HSMM-Mesh without too much trouble. (usually easier than flashing in Lynksys')



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B-) Jim K5KTF EM10bm Cedar Park, TX :star:
 Subject :Re:is dd-wrt compatible with hsmm-mesh.. 2012-09-02- 07:52:05 
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I am currently running OLSR on a DD-WRT build on a linksys E2000 and it's talking to the other nodes, but it's certainly not standard (issues with the secure module DD-WRT doesn't have one in the OLSR build). Since it's somewhat oddball hardware I'm not sure if it'll take an OpenWRT build or not, and don't want to brick it until I have some other hardware to play with.
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