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 Subject :How can I "reflash" a 3.1.0 image in a 54G?.. 2016-10-19- 11:24:45 
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I am trying to get a mesh node and standard AP combo to work. I have done this before, but for some reason the mesh node seems to lack a WAN address, when the one that works has no trace of it. Something is different. The one that works is a GL, and the one that does is a Gv4.

So, I thought after doing a 30-30-30 reset and the problem persisted that I should retry flashing it.

Oddly enough, the .bin file cannot be used to flash the mesh node. So, how do I do a reflash when I sue Win10 (Linux not an option)? Do I upload the 3.1 tgx file, then select that to flash it again? or is the image shown in the system as 3.1 tgx a file-system image that can be uploaded internally for a reflash?

Very confusing, and I have no idea how to get this WAN issue to disappear. It does appear to impair connectivity through a gateway node.

FYI I have 1 GW node, 1 working comb of 2 Linksys running mesh + standard AP, and then 1 non-reliable combo of Linksys running mesh (both 54G's) the mesh node having that odd WAN behavior that propagates as a failure to find a gateway in the AP.

Ideas anyone?

Thanks, Don VA7IQ/AE7UP

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