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 Subject :VLAN's.. 2014-07-14- 02:46:11 
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As a network person I don't use VLAN1 for security reasons. Just like you dont use the standard SNMP strings. The question is simple , Is it possible to use any other VLAN tags ? That is other than 1 & 2.  How can we set what vlan numbers to use ? 

Mike AE4ML

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Michael Lussier
 Subject :Re:VLAN's.. 2014-07-14- 04:54:57 
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Not via the interface at this time.

Using a different VLAN ID other than VLAN ID 1 is no more secure than using a VLANID of 87. This VLAN does not need to populate past the first vlan capable switch it is plugged into and can be untagged after that and routed through the network as a wire (or tag changed if  your switch happens to support it)

In case you are wondering: the choice of VLAN 1 was actually made because this is what the Linksys switches use internally so to keep the code sane they use the same VLAN -- You are already using VLAN 1 if you use a Linksys device and just realize it.

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 Subject :Re:VLAN's.. 2014-07-23- 08:19:42 
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Since VLANs are being covered, is it possible to add a VLAN that is NAT'ed? I need to keep some routed IP's for VoIP as trying to traverse NAT is an issue. At the same time this limits the number of devices. I tried to set up a new VLAN with NAT. The devices would get IP addresses from the new NAT'ed network but could not access other mesh nodes.
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