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 Subject :Logon Access to Nodes When Internet is Connected.. 2015-06-18- 13:58:30 
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I'm brand new to this and enjoying the challenge of sorting things out, however I'm stumped on something.  I have three Linksys WRT54GS routers (v2.1, v3, v4).  Each is flashed with the latest firmware (v3.1). I can access all of them without issues using the localnode URL and all have been setup with a node name and a new password. I can hang a laptop off any one of them and log into the node just fine, and see the entire mesh (3 nodes).  So all works good - they are linked.  Now...  I change one of the nodes configuration to make it a Gateway (simply checking the option). I then connect an Ethernet cable to the gateway node.  I can now access the Internet with the laptop plugged into the gateway node, and I can also plug the laptop into the other two non-gateway node and successfully access the Internet over the wireless mesh via the gateway node.  But once the gateway is set and Internet applied - I can no longer use the laptop to log into any of the nodes via the localnode URL. I have to unplug the Internet cable from the gateway, reboot the nodes, and then I can log into them as I did before the gateway was connected to the Internet.  Is this how it is supposed to operate?

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