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 Subject :WRT54GL problem?.. 2015-05-10- 05:02:13 
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Over two years ago I bought two wrt54gl's  V1.1 and at the time installed the mesh software. I played with it locally and as I remember things worked. I got disinterested as I was not able to find or initiate any local activity. So the wrt54's got stowed.

I got the bug again yesterday to try new software and I loaded the latest update to the wrt54's. All went well and they look good in setup. My problem is I cannot get good connects wireless between the two boxes. I might have a bad box but not sure how to determine that. The funny thing is it does not matter if they are side by side, 20 feet LOS or on different floors of the house the LQ numbers vary all over the place from nothing to 30%. I tried different channels but no change. Power is max.

It almost seems like it is a data problem rather than RF level with distance not making a difference. I can get the IP address of the other node and once I actually got the domain name in the mesh status display.

Any ideas on this?

Doug, WA3DSP

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 Subject :Re:WRT54GL problem?.. 2015-05-20- 16:02:48 
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Hi Doug, WA3DSP

Maybe try a different antenna and/or check the connections. You could also put one of the nodes in "AP mode" to see how it performs. Could try a different polarization. What kind of antenna are you using?

Hope that helps.

Edit: You could also try re-flashing the firmware and/or using an older version, namely the one you were using when you know it was working. As a computer guy(not a BBHN guy) it sounds like a hardware issue to me but the question is which node is the problem?

Disclaimer: I've never put a node in to AP mode. However, as I understand it, the node should act like a regular AP.

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