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 Subject :Mesh Access Point.. 2015-04-23- 16:48:12 
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Just new to this and purchased a few Ubiquity Rocket M2s to play with.  I have successfully setup 2 of mesh nodes and all works if I connect using ethernet.

I was going to the standard ubiquity firmware for Wifi AP and then I saw the Mesh Access Point option thinking that this might be good to try.  It seems to connect OK and if I use manual IP addresses I can access the mesh node.  However I can no longer get DNS to resolve for the mesh node names.

Have I not clicked some option in the mesh access point settings?

Thanks in advance

VK2YJ (Australia)

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 Subject :Re:Mesh Access Point.. 2015-04-23- 17:04:34 
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I would *HIGHLY* recommend just using another wifi AP  instead of mesh access mode.  Get a router with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, then, you can secure the wifi AP with WPA2 security.

K5DLQ - Darryl

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Darryl - K5DLQ
 Subject :Re:Mesh Access Point.. 2015-05-01- 23:59:07 
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Is there any information available on minimum distances between a mesh node and mesh access point?
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