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 Subject :More Noobie Questions..... 2015-03-24- 05:55:14 
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Ok, some real basic questions here.

I updated firmware, and getting ready to put up antennas and so forth, but first...

- I'm changing the channels of my home WiFi routers to stay away from channel 1 to avoid interference.  Will my antenna cause interference for the neighbors?  Will it cause problems with any home automation stuff that I may have in the house or do I just see what happens?

- If I put up an omni AND a dish each on their own router at the same location, will they interfere with each other?

- Can I legally have two on at the same time?  If so, then can I have one at my location and another at my Parent's house (they're house can see the Philly skyline, and I can't

Thanks in advance for any responses.  Everyone is so helpful here..



Any responses are appreciated !!!!!!!!!!

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 Subject :Re:More Noobie Questions..... 2015-04-11- 01:07:20 
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As for causing issues with other networks, that is always a possibility. Do an occasional scan to see if there are other networks on channel q. If so, you could work with the owners to move them. As for multiple nodes near each other, they should integrate as part of the mesh and work together. Having multiple radios and at multiple locations comes down to monitoring and control. Can you monitor the traffic on the nodes, and remotely shut them down if anything is non-compliant. This is the same as owning a repeater on a site other than your normal station location--you need to be able to monitor and control it, both for non-compliant activities and also in the case of malfunctions that cause interference. At least be able to monitor activity and ask your parents to pull the plug if needed. You also need to be able to monitor and control nodes, and other automatic ham radios, at your home. The same rules apply--for example, if an APRS Digi locks up on transmit you need to be able to detect that and turn it off. (Yes, I have had this happen and subsequently set the radio to use a timeout timer. And I monitor more closely now.) My 2 cents worth, refunds available on request. Dave, W6DPS
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