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 Subject :Tunneling with HSMM-PI 0.4.0.. 2015-03-10- 11:32:51 
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Anyone interested in having a go at using vtun with raspberry pi nodes?


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 Subject :Re:Tunneling with HSMM-PI 0.4.0.. 2015-03-10- 12:26:00 
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I would be willing to give it a try. One thing though, I have no idea how to do vlans or things like that. Had offered n5mbm to link but found I don't have the correct equipment to do it that route plus lack of vlan knowledge currently.

I can do either hsmm-pi or a hacked hamserverpi card. The meaning about hacked is that I don't have the docs but have been able to sign in and rummage around the file system. Have not connected it to a network to update distro because I don't want to cause any issues if I need to have a login/password for the euro hamnet since I have not contacted them for things.

Let me know what you think.

James W8ISS

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