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 Subject :D-Rats over HSMM-Mesh.. 2012-01-22- 05:10:36 
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It works, but You must read the information very carefully and not omit any key details.Key reference file ...

D-Rats setup info from  Mark, KV4i

Jerome, I installed D-RATS (which includes the D-RATS Repeater AKA RatFlector) on my computer and started the RatFlector which uses port 9000. The only configuration I needed to do was to name the RatFlector, MESH-RAT On my HSSM-MESH node KV4I-100, I established a DHCP reservation for my RatFlector PC and advertised the service. I installed D-RATS on a second computer and configured the radio port to "net:", the address for my first computer. After both computers were connected to my MESH-NODE, KV4I-100, I was able to connect to the RatFlector MESH-RAT via the node. Saturday, I plan to test the connection from a second MESH node. We've already used D-RATS as an email gateway to forward to the Internet, emails received via RF and originated from a station without Internet access. I like the idea of testing D-RATS on the Mesh as D-RATS can interface with multiple transport mechanisms at the same time. It also provides real-time chat, file transfers, includes a Winlink 2000 telnet client and an Internet email client. 73 Mark KV4I

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