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 Subject :three questions.. 2014-10-16- 14:27:09 
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Location: South East Portland - Powell Blvd

Howdy everyone!

I just got on the air – mesh – as KW7B-5, with a Ubiquity air Grid M2 HP. So far I see no signals from other mesh nodes.

I wanted to ask if there is a polarization protocol for our area? Will the majority of operators going to use horizontal polarization? Or will the polarization priority be vertical?

Has anyone tried to reflect signals off of the buildings along the big hill in Portland? The hill with their hospitals is the one I mean.

And, are there any social or practical/workgroup gatherings for mesh users in the Portland area?

73 for now C1 13 cm

Rick, KW7B

Southeast 28th and Powell area.

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