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 Subject :Mesh scalability?.. 2014-09-07- 10:28:58 
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Has any data been collected with respect to the scalability of the HamNet Mesh by...

  1. number of nodes?
  2. bandwidth loading?

I'm sorry if this information is already available somewhere; I did a quick search and didn't see anything.  If it is available, please provide URL.


de Vern (W6NCT)

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 Subject :Re:Mesh scalability?.. 2014-09-07- 16:32:28 
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Scalability is highly dependent upon your network layout.

How many nodes can see each other? 

How many nodes can see a shared common master point (MPR selection)

How many frequencies are you using? Do any of them overlap?

How controlled is your deployment to avoid hidden transmitter syndrome.

Are you using Omni's or Sectors?

What is the average signal quality for your nodes (RF Level not LQ level)

All of this and more comes into play to determine how well a network will scale and will depend then on number of nodes in each condition so it is not possible to give you a simple "it will scale to this number" you will have to evaluate your deployment and make changes as needed to maintain peak performance.

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