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 Subject :Constant MESH Crashing, Please Assist.. 2014-09-05- 15:47:12 
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I see on the home web page that you are aware of the, as you state "Periodic Crashes".  I tell you that Periodic is NOT the case here in Ventura County.  I do not know about the Linksys systems but I can report that any and all of the Ubiquity systems that we have operational here are CRASHING sometimes several times a day.  Going to the mountain top to do a power reset because the node is NOT responding is getting pretty old.

We have been touting the technology and our Government official are asking for demonstrations.  We are reluctant to do this for fear of system crashes and we end up with looking bad.  At this point the system is so unreliable that we can NOT depend upon it for any meaning full communications.

Look, I know you people are all doing this as volunteers and out of the kindness of your hearts and is your way of advancing the technology, I commend you, BRAVO!!!  Right now we are dead as there is no parallel effort that I can see of people developing alternate code, we are depending entirly on your group.

If a FIX in NOT eminent, please give us a heads up as when to expect working firmware.  Please don't say soon, give us a date, two days, 5 days, Sept 15..Something so we are not left hanging here.  I do believe that great things can and will be accomplished with this technology and I will be the first to commend on your concepts and actions.

It was not my intent to make anybody in the design group mad or upset, if I was turse, please excuse me.  I do thank you for your time and listening.  We anxiously look forward to working software.

With great Respect

Paul Strauss


Camarillo California

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 Subject :Re:Constant MESH Crashing, Please Assist.. 2014-09-05- 16:56:05 
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I feel your pain.   If you will email your phone number to my callsign at arrl dot net, I'll give you a call tomorrow to discuss the features you require and find a release you can use in the interim.

The root cause of the current problem is not in our code and as a result the solution is more complex than if it were. 

I commit to you we'll find a workaround for you. 

Andre,  K6AH

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