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 Subject :Need better understanding of BBHN networking... 2014-08-30- 09:37:13 
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Firstly, a big thank you to all for your efforts. I'm having a ball!

I have been doing some work here in my own lab using some Cisco routing equipment (3700 with 36 port switch module).

What I am trying to do si stand up two or more mesh networks using a different SSID for each network. I then want to use the router to route traffic between them.

I see this as having some practical use here and also a great way to learn something new, not to mention I have a friend who is a Cisco trained engineer who has gotten interested.

The problem we are having is the NAT that goes on between the LAN and WAN. It's messing with our attempts to create the routes we want. Come to think of it, the NATing plays hob with Asterisk too. Trust me, double NATing is pretty ugly.

I'd like your thoughts on this.  I'd kind of like to be able to selectively turn off NATing if possible.

Again, thanks!



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 Subject :Re:Need better understanding of BBHN networking... 2014-08-30- 13:11:03 
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So first off,  the reason for the NAT is rather obvious but I will state it for those whom may not know, we are converting from a private range to whatever is on the subnet and were a singe device and the is it's own ecosystem with lots of standards around it.

Can you please advise what you are trying to do? Having an idea of what you think you want to do might be more useful as there is more going on in the mesh interfaces with all the standardized protocols and configurations that come into play. Some features may or may not work depending upon what your looking at without modification etc.

Just turning NAT off on it's own wouldn't solve all the issues your likely to hit,  you may get the source address but now we have a lot more issues,  like how are nodes on one mesh going to know about nodes on another? How are you going to configure the router to know which network nodes are on? How will the router handle having a network on each interface ? What if a user moves between the two networks?  

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