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 Subject :BBHN Source Repository.. 2014-07-24- 06:49:02 
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The BBHN Source Repository is now available to interested developers at our development site.  

You may browse the source code repositories by visiting the source tab at .

For those wishing to assist with development, a code repository may be checked-out with:

    git clone git://<repo_name>

Where <repo_name> is the name the repository you wish to checkout.

These checkouts may then be used with the appropriate openwrt toolsets to build your own image.  Note that we are not prepared to support the inexperienced developer, so please remain within your personal comfort zone here.  Relevant development questions and bug reports should be posted to the development site.


Andre, K6AH

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 Subject :Re:BBHN Source Repository.. 2014-09-25- 00:13:04 
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>Where <repo_name> is the name the repository you wish to checkout.

There seems to be 3 possible choices at the moment:

  • bbhn_ar71xx
  • bbhn_brcm24
  • bbhn_packages

However, I can't find a READ.ME or a in any of them. Could you explain what each is for?

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 Subject :Re:BBHN Source Repository.. 2014-09-25- 11:57:52 
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I've been through this process and sorry to say, someone will need to find more time to document how to do this setup--not everything is captured in the repo. I have attempted to do this by developing a script that will setup a full development environment that compiles everything--to save a lot of time figuring it out on your own. Please separately send me email at if anyone is interested in this script.

HOWEVER, you still need to familiarize yourself with and site and their framework to have a clue what to do with this environment (not to mention familiarity with doing embedded development, linux, etc.). This is a solo effort pre-requisite over a long period of time you must have incurred or plan to incur. Otherwise, plan on beating your head against a wall in frustration :) .

BBHN firmware is ~95% built on top of,, and . The only actual source code being compiled to create our firmware is some parts of olsrd to fix bugs that has not incorporated yet. But this ~5% is significant--don't think this is minimized--it is the smarts of how to configure a node for our specialized setup. bbhn custom stuff is in perl for the mesh status, setup pages, etc.(the gui) and the linux custom config files.

I applaud the guys with the initial vision to use these building blocks to create bbhn.


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 Subject :Re:BBHN Source Repository.. 2015-03-22- 01:14:22 
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I'm not able to access the git repositories anymore. Have they moved?

Have you considered hosting the repositories on GitHub? It's very easy to get started there, and a pleasant platform to work with.

73, Clayton

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 Subject :Re:BBHN Source Repository.. 2015-05-28- 13:16:54 
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+1 to github

New to the broadband-hamnet project but not to development. It looks like the git links are down for the code, possibly due to the domain change. I'd like to help on the dev side if possible. 

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 Subject :Re:BBHN Source Repository.. 2016-08-07- 23:11:37 
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Hello All, Are these repos still available? Thanks In Advance, John AJ6BC
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