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 Subject :Newbee checking in.. 2017-07-05- 20:51:36 
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Hi all, thanks for having this forum.

I have all of the components needed to get "on the air" just overcoming inertia.

I have a NanoStationLoco and over 700 feet of cat5 outdoor wire (grey)

I have a WRT54GL with Hamnet firmware installed and several hundred feet of RG6 coax and a 15db gain vertical antenna.

And I have 2 Xeon servers running Ubuntu Server with GUI.

I see one station on Googlemaps that I might be able to hit.

So please tell me to get off my a$$ and get to work.

I have many questions however. Even though I'm a retired Unix sysadmin I am very rusty since that was almost 30 years ago.

For openers, where does the DHCP take place? What do I have to do? Which IP addresses?

Thanks for any comments and support. 73, Jim W3FAW

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