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 Subject :HSMM-MESH tunnel from the UK to US and Europe.. 2016-05-23- 06:55:25 
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Ladies and Gents

Following a presentation on BBHN hosted by Crawley Amateur Radio Club on the south coast of the UK this weekend past, I am keen to try and expand the UK interest in MESH networking.

As part of this I am attempting to establish a link to our club house which is within a historic Victorian hillfort upon the coastline of Portsmouth UK, Fort Purbrook.

One of the key "selling" points to other amateurs would be to show the services which can be provided on a MESH including the tunnel feature to MESH's in other countries and continents.

As such I am keen to identify anyone who would grant a tunnel client hosted by myself connectivity to their tunnel server.

Could anyone who is able to assist me with this request or able direct me to someone who can contact me via the forum or directly?

Many thanks in advance

John / M0XXF 

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