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 Subject :Dayton Hamvention 2016 - Mesh Presence- May 20-22.. 2016-05-10- 14:59:28 
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The Miami Valley Mesh Alliance will host a Mesh Networks booth located in the north-east corner of East Hall, behind the Luso Tower display (booth EH659).  Our booth area will include a large table and chairs that can be used for meetings, informal discussions, etc.  The booth area can also serve as a "home base" for meshers, to include a (real paper) bulletin board for messaging.  All mesh people are welcome to use these facilities.  Likewise, all meshers are invited to take a shift staffing the Mesh Networks booth if they desire.

Hamvention mesh access on Channel +1 at 20 MHz bandwidth will be available in the East Hall.  No 5.8 GHz coverage is planned.

All other nodes will be operating on Channel -2 at 10 MHz bandwidth.  Outside omni-directional nodes will be located on the tower on the south side of East Hall, on a tower close to the Arena (west end of the complex), and on the DARA Van mast.  We expect these nodes to cover the Flea Market and adjacent parking areas well.  Inside coverage will include the East Hall, Food Court, and the BallArena (including the ARRL area). Directional client nodes (NanoStations) with telephones will be located at the Flea Market office, the on-grounds trailer park at the east end of the complex, the DARA Booth, Inside Exhibits office, and a few other locations.  High resolution PTZ cameras will be mounted on the East Hall and Arena towers, providing a view of the Flea Market and adjacent parking areas.  If all comes together well, the mesh will also host a WinLink post office, and a HackRF receiver controlled by SDR-Radio/SDR Console software.

The mesh will host a Tunnel Server with limited access; please contact the undersigned if you wish to arrange a tunnel connection.

Hamvention Mesh Services will be advertised at the "Hamvention Mesh Info" ftp link on the mesh.  Additional information will be available at the Mesh Networks booth.

We welcome all to join us, on the mesh, or at the booth!

Bill Curtice WA8APB

Miami Valley Mesh Alliance

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