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 Subject :BBHN Asterisk on Raspberry Pi and Cisco 7940G SIP VOIP Phones.. 2016-04-21- 07:48:04 
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KF5JIM's videos are excellent for setting up voip phones on the BBHN. 

Recently purchased 2 Cisco 7940G phones  off of Ebay -- SIP 8-12 firmware loaded.

PBX server is up and operating, http link to PBX server works and server is up and 1 extension setup.  However, the VOIP http link does not bring up the Grandstream Device Configuration screen.  If I cannot gain access to this screen, will the phones fail to register on the BBHN?

Loaded the firmware and config files from your link to the TFTPboot folder and configured them per instructions. 

Question: does the OS...txt file and the XMLDefault file  need to point to the P003.. or P0S3 firmware file?

 Did factory reset, plugged phone into a BBHN Node, but phone never indicated is was  configuring  the VLAN or configuring  IP.  Set TFTP Server to PBX server IP but phone did not complete the registration process. 

Any ideas of what to  look for?


Dave Bury


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