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 Subject :Need Specific How-To's.. 2016-04-11- 12:53:12 
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Installation of the firmware into two WRT54GL Linksys routers was super easy and I now have two nodes up and running.

It would be very helpful if there were specific how-to's on doing device or application specific uses.  I blundered my way into setting up an Astak Webcam that I can now view/control while I am within the MESH network but not from outside the MESH network.

I'm very familiar with port forwarding but so far getting from the outside into the MESH network and to the webcam has been an elusive task.  Any sites or specific resources to address such things?  Thanks.

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 Subject :Re:Need Specific How-To's.. 2016-04-12- 05:25:09 
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Are you referring to connecting to your mesh network via the Internet? Mesh nodes are only really designed to be connected to from other mesh nodes, so if you wanted to connect to a mesh node via the internet you would need to create a tunnel. This quickly becomes an advanced topic requiring things like dedicated IP address from your internet provider and other networking skills.
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Chris Arnesen, KU7PDX
 Subject :Re:Need Specific How-To's.. 2016-04-12- 08:54:45 
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This site has many how-to's? What are you missing that's not already available?
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