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 Subject :Adding an HTML page directly on the node.. 2016-02-22- 11:07:11 
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Since the nodes act as a webserver for the GUI, is there anyway to place an HTML file directly on the node that would be accessible as a service?  Similar to the way HAMCHAT is?  Looking to put a brief HTML page directly on the node that would open up and would have several links to other resources that may be available outside the mesh, like EOC websites, etc..  Looking for something simple and doesn't need to look pretty.  Could even do something that has an automatic script re-direct.  I am familiar with how to SSH into a node but wouldn't know where to put the HTML file or how it would get opened.  Thanks.


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 Subject :Re:Adding an HTML page directly on the node.. 2016-03-02- 22:04:22 
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Yes, it is possible. I´ve stup a new page just for AMPRnet status on some of our nodes. You´ll need to be familiar with Perl to do this.

The files are located in /www/cgi-bin

First edit the to add a reference to your new page, like this (ampr is what I added):

my @pages = qw(status setup ports ampr admin);

my %titles = (status => "Node Status",
setup => "Basic Setup",
ports => "Port Forwarding, 
DHCP, and Services",
ampr => "AMPRnet",
admin => "Administration");

Then you must add a new file in the same folder named (in my case ampr) corresponding to what you added in

Look at the securityflags of the other perlfiles and chmod your own the same way.

Then you´ll have to edit your new file and start with the following section:

$debug = 0;
use perlfunc;

Happy editing !!!

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