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 Subject :EBay AP Purchases.. 2015-12-27- 14:40:12 
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Just a suggestion here and if it's a bad one just say so.

A few days ago I was bidding on some UN Rocket M2's...a batch of 5. Eventually the price got too high for me to justify the purchase to the family CFO :)

Anyway, I just want to suggest that if you are bidding on a batch that you may want to post a quick note to the forum in case another forum member may be thinking about bidding against you. Maybe you can work something out on the side as not to rack up the price. The cost of postage is likely a lot less than increasing the bid.

Of course there is the option of going into the bid with some fellow hams in your area, but may still want to post a note just so hams aren't competing against other hams.

Just a thought.

73, KG5AXF, Anthony

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