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 Subject :Opportunity to participate in Humanitarian Experiment in Alameda, CA.. 2015-12-01- 07:02:28 
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Every quarter the Naval Post-graduate School (NPS) in Monterey holds a Joint Inter-agency Field Experiment (JIFX) in-which groups are invited to participate in a multi-day event with a focus on collaboration and experimentation. The second JIFX of 16 (16-2) is being held in Alameda, CA and is focusing on Maritime and Humanitarian interests. There's a specific RFI that I thought might be of interest to the Broadband Hamnet/HSMM-MESH community below:

b.22: Interoperable Communication Solutions in Network Denied Disaster Response Environments.

Federal disaster response agencies are seeking technologies that provide clear and reliable communications between an array of disparate organizations. Additionally, network solutions are sought to establish private networks and strong backhauls to the open internet during times when commercially provided connects have failed. These solutions may include cellular, satellite, or point-to-point RF solutions.

For more information on JIFX 16-2, please see:

Generally the event is very engaging and the organizers encourage collaboration and experimentation in the field. I will be there participating for my own organization, but would love to have HSMM attending and participating as well. If you're interested in participating as part of a larger HSMM group, lets continue this conversation in this thread. If you're interested in submitting your own proposal, feel free to go ahead and begin that process.

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