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 Subject :Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Internet Mesh Configuration.. 2015-07-24- 07:35:05 
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I recently upgraded to a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter POE. One of the reasons for the upgrade was because it can be configured for different subnets and/or WAN connections. I'm somewhat familiar with the mesh firmware, running on Ubiquiti hardware, but because there's not a whole lot of interest in my area I haven't done very much with it.

With that in mind, here's what I would like to do: 1) Get a bullet configured as a gateway and tunnel server. 2) be able to access mesh network from my home (NAT) subnet. 3) Keep mesh traffic off my home subnet.

High level overview of the router:

Eth0 = WAN address. Firewalled and configured for native IPv6 (Comcast ISP). DynDNS configured and verified working.

Eth1 = Desired port for mesh node. VLAN capable, although I'll need to read up on exactly how to go about that. Would prefer not having to get another managed switch for breaking out the gateway VLAN.

Eth2 - Eth4 = home network, Eth2 and Eth3 go to 8 port managed switches. Eth4 runs an access point.

If the mesh node can't be a gateway and tunnel at the same time, that's fine. The goal is to see if anyone else in the area would be interested in connecting up to the mesh, then they can use my tunnel. I'd also likely be running an IRC server and possibly Asterisk server. I understand that on my LAN I'd likely have to either use the IP address of the local node, or build a Hosts file, since DNS will be a problem, but that's fairly straightforward.


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