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 Subject :Basic Tunneling setup.. 2015-07-17- 06:30:13 
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Hey Guys,

We are starting a small but mighty group here in Central Florida. A number of us have nodes up and running, but we are somewhat spread out and RF linking between all of the nodes is not possible yet and I am wondering if for the outlying nodes that tunneling might be a short term fix until time, money and resources are available to rf link them all. Is there somewhere posted that I have not found yet that will tell us how to set up tunneling from beginning to end. Keep in mind that some of us have done a little programming, but we are really newbies at this stuff. Any help would be appreciated. By the way this group has been awesome with all of the info that is here and helped to get us off the ground.


Kevin N4KM 

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 Subject :Re:Basic Tunneling setup.. 2015-07-17- 08:35:47 
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